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9 World Human Heritages sites and Natural Wonder
To get to know the Iguassu-Misiones circuit is to get close to the very roots of South America.

Between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay there is a special and fascinating tourist destination with nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Nature and culture come together in an indescribable setting.

In a single trip, you can appreciate the beauty and magic of the Iguazu Falls, formed by a set of 275 waterfalls up to 82 metres high, protected by the Iguaçu National Park (Brazil) and the Iguazu National Park (Argentina). Nearby is the Itaipu Hydroelectric Power Plant, a magnificent work of engineering, which has its source of energy in the waters of Lake Itaipu and the Paraná River. Innumerable walks and activities related to Nature and Adventure are offered to tourists visiting the region, all of them not to be missed.

Continuing the journey through the region, it will be possible to know all the history of the Guarani Indians and the Jesuit Missions, which date back to the XVII and XVIII centuries, in lands that today belong to Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. The true value of these Jesuit-Guarani cultural heritages lies in the combination of the material characteristics of the goods, in the natural and cultural geography, and fundamentally in the integration of the three countries, which share a unique historical process.

Only by visiting this region, walking through its parks, living with its people and listening to their stories and legends, it is possible to feel in the soul what represents the grandeur of the historical events that took place in these landscapes of magnificent beauty.

Undoubtedly, Iguassu-Misiones is a monumental circuit.

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