More than 35 years of experience

ABra Tours is a beautiful reality, in which excellence and total quality are concepts that we seek to provide every day. With specialized personnel who live in the destinations we offer, who master the information of each one of them, advising on the itineraries and adjusting them to the profile of each client.

With more than 35 years in the tourism market, ABra Tours has become the undisputed leader in Missions in VIP tourism, personalized, with quality services, preferential attention and the seriousness that characterizes us.

We are the first operator in the Argentine Republic of the International Circuit of the Jesuit Missions, operating it for more than a decade, ruins that testify to a centuries-old civilization, Cultural Heritage of Humanity and together with the Iguazú Falls, maximum exponents of Misiones, destination full of natural attractions, soft & hard adventure, ecological, rural, etc.

Speed ​​is one of our biggest bets, both in information and in quotes for any of our products, traditional, corporate, group, congresses, etc. We are convinced that the future of travel agencies lies in giving the passenger a very close attention, far from the mechanical and depersonalized treatment offered today in the market.

ABra Tours invites you to cross the borders that separate supermarkets from travel, from artisan work done with love. Traveling is one of the most fascinating adventures of our lives, we make it a reality for our clients.