Waterfall Adventure


Jungle, rapids and waterfalls
Jungle: 8 km. trip in all-terrain vehicles along the Yacaratiá trail, up to Puerto Macuco.
Rapids: boarding in semi-rigid rubber dinghies navigating 6 km. along the lower Iguazú River, with 2 km. of rapids.
Waterfalls: entrance to the canyon of the Devil’s Throat with approach to the falls and disembarkation in front of San Martin Island, the heart of the falls.
Duration: 65 minutes approximately.
Departures: every hour on the hour in front of San Martin Island.


Waterfalls and emotions
Waterfalls: embarkation in front of San Martin Island in semi-rigid rubber dinghies. Entrance to the Garganta del Diablo canyon with an unforgettable baptism in the mist.
Waterfalls: approach to the seven most important waterfalls and views of the Brazilian waterfalls.
Duration: approximately 12 minutes.
Departures: every 20 minutes in front of San Martin Island.


Roaring and contemplation
After having visited the impressive force of the Devil’s Throat, you will embark on a 3 km navigation through the Delta of the Upper River, guided by expert locals in rowing rafts, allowing you to interact with nature in a breathtaking frame of silence, while observing the flora and fauna in its purest natural state.
Approximate duration: 30 minutes
Departures: every 20 minutes starting at 09.00 hs. From Garganta del Diablo station.


This programme offers us the possibility of getting to know the traditional tours of the falls in a full day, combining them with our adventure options.
Combination of the Nautical Adventure with the Ecological Walk.


The green passport to the falls
This programme offers the possibility to experience in a full day the traditional tours of the falls combined with our adventure options.
Combination of The Great Adventure with the Ecological Tour.

Waterfall Expeditions

Jungle Safari: 20 km walk along the Yacaratiá trail, located in the Reserve area of the Iguazú National Park. This trail, which is closed to private vehicle traffic, is also used for research work, so the number of outings is limited in order to cause as little disturbance as possible. The trail, which lasts approximately two hours, is covered in specially prepared 4×4 vehicles, uncovered, in order to be able to photograph and film more comfortably. During the walk there are stops and hikes in which an expert guide, a nature interpreter, acts as a link between the visitor and the environment. Historical sites of the Park are also visited. Departures every day.

Waterfall Safari: This is an excursion of approximately two hours’ duration, which takes place in the Reserve Area of the Iguazú National Park. The tour consists of a 4-kilometre section along the Yacaratiá trail (which is closed to public traffic), in four-wheel drive vehicles, uncovered and conditioned for this purpose. Along the way, there are explanatory stops along the way. Afterwards, there is a walk along an 800-metre-long trail. Both routes are accompanied by a guide who acts as a link between the visitors and the environment, explaining all the topics related to the dynamics of the jungle. The walk ends at a waterfall with a natural pool (the “pozón”), where there is a break for a rest. Then we return to the starting point and from there we return by vehicle. Departures every day.

Birdwatching: Specialised outings for birdwatching the rich birdlife of our National Park. Ornithological guide service and provision of equipment (binoculars, telescope, bird guide, etc.).

Full Moon Waterfalls

Night tour along the famous walkways of the Iguazú National Park.
We board the Jungle Train to Garganta Station and from there we walk along the Upper Iguazú River to the balcony of the most impressive waterfall, the Devil’s Throat. On the way back you will enjoy a complimentary cocktail as a prelude to an unforgettable dinner at La Selva Restaurant, which will be open for these special nights from 20:00hs. Visitors will have the option to dine before or after each tour, depending on the shift they choose.

Yacutinga Lodge

Yacutinga Lodge and its Wildlife Refuge are located in the heart of the Selva Misionera. Surrounded by the Iguazú National Park (Argentina-Brazil). The Nature Reserve area covers 570 hectares. It is part of the 270.000 protected hectares included in the Green Corridor. Large conservation area of the Inner Atlantic Forest. The buildings gently follow the natural slopes of the terrain and maintain the harmony of the surrounding nature. Local materials such as stones and large pieces of wood from fallen trees have been successfully incorporated into the architectural concept of the site, thus fully integrating with the natural environment. The tourism concept of Yacutinga Lodge is dedicated to producing a wonderful relationship between you, the surrounding nature and us. This means that all those who visit and live at Yacutinga Lodge participate in various environmental activities, such as walks based on environmental education, planting of native trees, observation of wildlife and its classification, interpretation of natural processes to understand and discover this jungle.

Interpretative walks: Specialised guides will lead you through the diverse paths of environmental interpretation that the Yacutinga Natural Reserve has.

The Night Forest: This is a walk to one of the swamps located in the Natural Reserve area. The humidity produces life and it is in these water holes where the rainforest is at its richest, especially at dusk and at night.

Floating down the Upper Iguazú River: The waters of the rainforest are extremely important for the ecosystem. They are authentic corridors of life. The journey through these waters is extremely relaxing and provides us with the opportunity to walk in silence through the Forest in Galleries.

Observation towers and shelters: In Yacutinga, there are constructions designed to give you the opportunity to be alone. These shelters have been distributed in different environments of the Natural Reserve.

Andresito Eco Tourism

“Unique Municipality Surrounded by 8 Parks and Natural Reserves”.
Accommodation with full board and activities.

  • Establishment San Sebastian de la Selva (Lodging and Cabins in the Jungle, Regional Meals, Fishing, Horseback Riding, 4 X 4 Circuits).
  • Kaagui Porá Aboriginal Community (Monte Lindo)
  • Reserves of Palmitos in natural state
  • Tío Zalindo (Natural Orchidarium and Ecological Aguardiente)
  • Salto Escondido (Camping and Spas)
  • El Cañafístula (Jungle Walk in Cachapé)
  • Los Robles (Bungalows in the centre of Andresito)
  • Cooperativa Yerbatera Andresito (Guided Visits)
  • Interpretative trails through the jungle.
  • Ornithological Observation
  • Peninsula Reserve (Palmitales Tour, Cabins inside the forest).
  • Cambá Morotí (Livestock under cover – Horseback Riding)
  • Vivero Andresito (Ornamental plants)
  • Las Viñas (Production of sweets and regional wines).

Andresito is located 70 km from Puerto Iguazú.
Consult programmes according to the length of your stay in the region.