International Circuit of Jesuits-Guaraní Missions

Vestiges of Jesuit-Guaraní Dream

Many and diversities may be the reasons that a tourist has to visit the Jesuit-Guaraní Missions. But neither the architecture of the churches , nor the magnificent indian houses, nor the huge altars. nor the rich wooden images, nor the perfect conception of the urban plans of their towns, nothing of these constitutes  the essential of the Jesuit-Guarani civilization. Because, as Saint Exupery has said “the essential is not seen by the eyes”

Because it is the life in it self, a type of life, a human enterprise ( or a divine-human enterprise of the christian people ) That has been done by special temper men and peaceful Guaranis “souls” ( as the jesuits said ). These number of inhabitans represented the 15% of the Virreinato del Rio de la Plata population.

These thirty vestiges are geographically distributed now as follow: 7 in Brazil, 8 in Paraguay and 15 in Argentina.

These Missions are in ruins now. In spite of this, we can realize the splendour and their brilliant past, if we visit Sao Miguel Mission in Brazil, Trinidad del Paraná Mission and Jesus de Tavarangüe Mission in Paraguay, and Santa Ana and San Ignacio Miní in Argentina. All them, are Unesco Human Heritages.

In Misiones, Argentina there are another two Missions that are not well known. They are Loreto Mission  and Santa María Mission, Unesco Human Heritages too.

Apart of that, there are many museums in Paraguay that have concentrated very beautiful jesuits-guaraní wooden images that have been made during those period of time.