In this section you will find about incredible places to spend days of stay:

– Santa Cecilia
– Santa Ines
– La Alegria Lodge
– San Sebastian de la Selva
– Las Mercedes
– Agroturismo Tierra Roja
– El Quincho

Santa Cecilia
It is located in the heart of the Jesuit Missions, in the locality of Candelaria, only 30 km from Posadas, the capital of the province of Misiones and 30 km from the Ruins of San Ignacio. On the route that takes you to the main tourist centres of the province.

The main house of the Estancia, built in 1908, has the ideal design for the climate of the region, with wide galleries and high ceilings, which create a fresh and pleasant atmosphere. We propose to our guests to stay in this place to enjoy the taste of our typical food, the charm of the landscapes overlooking the river, the immense park surrounded by centenary trees of native species, the hospitality of our people and if you wish you can participate in the most traditional activities of the Argentinean cattle raising with the gauchos of the Estancia and know their handicrafts. You can also go hiking on the trails, horseback riding to the Paraná River and enjoy an unforgettable sunset over the river.

Santa Inés
Santa Inés is located in the area of the old Jesuit estancias, only 20 km from the city of Posadas. Its pioneer was Don Pedro Nuñez, who arrived at the end of the last century. He took up the technique used by the Jesuits for the Yerba Mate plantations. The estancia has 2000ha of which 800ha are dedicated to the natural cultivation of Yerba Mate. The 90 year old plantations are still in full production today. It is possible to observe and participate in the harvest during the months of February and October. It is possible to take long walks or horseback rides through the yerba mate fields, with the possibility of seeing wild animals. There is a great variety of birds and a small marsh inhabited by caimans and waterfowl.

The century-old, English-style farmhouse and the contemporary guesthouse are surrounded by an old park with orchids and other tropical flowers. Inside the ranch you can visit a chapel with beautiful Jesuit and colonial images that gather the locals for mass on Saturday afternoons.

Other alternative activities that can be done are: Target shooting, golf at a nearby club, swimming in a natural pool and boat rides on the Parana River.

La Alegría Lodge
La Alegría Lodge is a wonderful place for eco-adventure tourism, immersed in the heart of the subtropical Paraná rainforest of Argentina, in the province of Misiones, within a multi-purpose reserve, with an extension of 30,000 hectares of private property. This is one of the most biodiverse regions of the country, with large rivers, clear streams and waterfalls, deep red soils and deep green jungle, full of giant and centenary trees, peculiar endemic flora and a great presence of wild fauna. Since it is located on private property, guests are away from other tourists. Tourists set their own pace and do exactly what they like, whether it’s relaxing by the pool, reading under the shade of a hundred-year-old araucaria tree, or enjoying a sunset in the jungle, followed by a night walk back to the lodge. Every day is done at your own pace in a totally original and natural style where from relaxation you can enjoy different eco adventure programmes.

The cabins made entirely of wood provide all the comforts, beautiful and comfortable with rustic details, with entrance porches leading to sitting areas, living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms, with shower and bathtub with hot water 24 hours a day.

During the winter, iron cookers provide heating reminiscent of the colonial period. At night a generator provides electricity to the cabins and, when it is turned off, before going to sleep under the haunting and mysterious night sounds of the jungle, small kerosene lamps are lit. In this remote, intimate and amazing place we offer various eco-adventure programmes where you can go horseback riding, hiking, trekking or mountain biking on virgin jungle trails, observe wildlife, go on photo safaris on foot, discover waterfalls hidden in the forest, visit small villages lost in history, experiment with off-road vehicles in the jungle, or relax, stroll through the gardens, eat exquisite home-cooked meals in the main lodge or taste delicious Argentinean wines while watching the sun go down, which perfectly complements it all.

San Sebastian de la Selva
Located on National Route 101, 28 km from the city of Andresito.
This ample establishment has a capacity for 40 people, with full board with home-made regional meals, electricity, running water, telephone service, etc. It has 184 hectares of native forest, where you can walk along interpretation trails for more than 2 hours. It has a 4 x 4 circuit of medium difficulty and barbecue and grills for 150 people.
You can go horseback riding through trails and fields, fishing for carps, pacúes, tilapias and tarariras.

Las Mercedes
An old yerba mate establishment from the beginning of the century belonging to a family of English origin, located in the city of Eldorado, 98 kms. from the Iguazú Falls and 200 kms. from Posadas, surrounded by the exuberant beauty of Misiones, opens its gates to the visitor to share with its owners a country stay in the ranch, picturesque for its wooden construction in the English style, equipped with the necessary comfort to feel at home and in the family. In its 650 hectares. Estancia las Mercedes is populated with cattle, yerba mate crops, pine and eucalyptus plantations, jungle, crystalline streams, fish farming ponds.

MAIN HOUSE There is capacity for 12 people in 5 double and triple rooms with period furniture and private bathrooms.
GUEST HOUSE Two-storey cottage with capacity for 7 people in three rooms with two bathrooms, simply furnished but very cosy. All meals are served in the main house.
MEALS In the very abundant breakfasts, you will be able to delight yourself with homemade breads, scons, homemade sweets, natural juices, cold cuts, cheeses and tropical fruits of the area. For lunch we serve the typical dishes of the area: roast sheep, meat, fish, pasta, Paraguayan soup, manioc and fresh salads. At tea time homemade cakes, scones, pastries and in the evenings international cuisine. Drinks are included.
HORSEBACK RIDING The tours take you through the countryside and jungle, where you can see pine and eucalyptus forests, yerba mate plantations, livestock, pastures, jungle and streams.
CANOEING, RAFTING AND FLOATING One of the limits of the ranch is marked by the Piray Guazú stream, you can choose to go down in canoes in calm areas or in canoes and kayaks in the rapids.

Tierra Roja Agritourism
Christmas Farm
Located in a picturesque place in the municipality of Capioví, you will find the Rauber Family Farm, a place chosen by its owner to dedicate himself to beekeeping in an almost exclusive and traditional way. With his particular style, he will explain to the visitors how the production of honey and its derivatives is carried out. You will be able to taste exquisite regional and special dishes prepared by a specialist in culinary art and nutritionist.

Main Attractions:
Natural Gas Plant from organic waste (BioGas) Production of natural honey from native species. Hanging bridge (60 m long and 20 m high) in the middle of the canopy of the jungle. Tasting of handmade products and regional food. Walk through the farm observing the breeding of calves, rabbits and remote visit of beehives (or equipped for technical reconnaissance). Walks through bush trails with explanatory stops, crossing crops, pastures, jungle, etc.
Oro Verde Farm
To enjoy days in the countryside in a typical missionary farm, very close to the Paraná River. You will be able to rest and recreate in a large park surrounded by flowers and natural vegetation, accompanied and guided by its owner, citrus fruit producer, narrator of stories and legends of the area and connoisseur of the missionary bush and citrus fruit groves.

Museum of ancient tools and indigenous archaeological remains Guided walks through the park with recognition of native and exotic flowers and plants. Guided walk through the jungle to the Paraná River. Citrus fruit production trail. Tasting of homemade products.

The Quincho
It is located on the banks of the Paraná River, in an area far away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities, with the personalised attention of its owners. El Quincho offers you total relaxation in contact with the wild nature typical of the red soil of Misiones, close to the touristic places of the region.

“El Quincho” was born in 1981 as a place to rest and fish. It has been growing and today it has 250 hectares of which 100 hectares are for cattle raising and another 150 hectares are distributed with forestation and some native forest. In other sectors of the farm there are eight ponds for the breeding of 12’000 fish such as pacu, dorado, capin carp, húngara, catfish, bogas and tilapias.

The angler can choose between fishing in the ponds and fishing in the Paraná River. It also offers diverse nautical sports such as boat rides, horseback riding and trekking.

The place has five houses located on the banks of the Paraná River, with comfortable first class comforts. The establishment has a bar and a modern restaurant prepared for the attention of the tourist, where you can taste the typical and autochthonous food of the zone. There are also organic vegetable gardens for the production of vegetables.

ACTIVITIES The Paraná River, which runs along the banks of the property for one kilometre, is used for sport fishing and various water sports. You can also enjoy fishing in the ponds or enjoy the fauna and flora by walking or horseback riding around the property.

HORSEBACK RIDES These are guided and have a very interesting route, since they allow you to appreciate the different activities of the establishment, viewpoints, walks through the jungle identifying the tree species of our missionary forest, bird and native animal watching.

ECOLOGICAL PRODUCTION The ecotourism quincho produces 90% of what it consumes with fruits such as bananas, tangerines, oranges, cassava, corn, and has an organic vegetable garden from which lettuce, tomatoes and other products for salads are extracted. The land is tilled manually through carpidas, during all seasons of the year, which avoids the environmental damage caused by agrochemicals.