The Iberá Wetlands, Corrientes

The Iberá Nature Reserve is a dream place nestled in the heart of the province of Corrientes, admired by adventurers passionate about the generosity of nature.
This natural paradise is home to the yacaré, the marsh deer, the river otter, and the aguará guazú, species recognised as Natural Monuments of the Province of Corrientes.

The Iberá Nature Reserve, or shining water in Guaraní, contains lagoons and smaller water mirrors, covering hundreds of thousands of hectares, forming one of the most attractive adventure tourism circuits in Argentina.

Staying in nearby towns and starting the mornings with an enriching fauna and flora sighting, photographic safaris, horseback riding, canoeing or trekking, is the offer that nobody can miss if they visit Corrientes.

The irupé, the aguapé, the water spangles and the poppies are some of the aquatic species that characterise the Esteros del Iberá, and which also play a fundamental role in the ecosystem.

Enjoying nature in the Esteros del Iberá, Corrientes, you will not fail to be amazed by the purple herons, storks, and biguas, some of the 350 species of birds that soar through the skies of Corrientes.

Dorados, tarpon, mojaras and piranhas can be seen through the clear waters of the more than 60 lagoons of Iberá.

In addition to the diversity of flora and fauna, the context that surrounds the Iberá marshes is magical and welcoming, filling hearts with enthusiasm and opening eyes to a world that is within everyone’s reach.