Thematic Cross Park on the Hill of Santa Ana

The Thematic Cross Park is located on the Santa Ana hill, 360 metres above sea level. It is developed in an area of 57.5 hectares of pure native forest of Misiones, with waterfalls, autochthonous tree species, birds of the area, natural viewpoints and particular attractions. A space that combines nature in its purest state with architecture in perfect balance, facilitating access and tours through trails and paths.

The site chosen for the construction of the Park enjoys a privileged panoramic location, which guarantees excellent visibility of the landscape from all angles, fully articulating the main building with a series of activities planned for visitors.

The Theme Park offers first of all direct contact with nature through access to a privileged view of the Paraná rainforest from a vantage point 82 metres high on the hill, which has become the “eye of the jungle”. It also invites visitors to take walks along trails through the natural forest, outdoor activities, ecumenical religious celebrations, cultural events, landscape observation (taking advantage of the height of the hill), bird watching and a particular knowledge of the flora and fauna of the place from the particular infrastructure provided for such purposes.

The Cross

La Cruz is an architectural complex with balconies that allow access to panoramic views from different angles.

The main building is made of reinforced concrete, 30 metres high, equivalent to a 10-storey building. On the top of this building stands the cross, a 52-metre high metal structure, which brings the whole complex to a height of 82 metres. The large cross is made of hot-dip galvanised metal sections in the shape of a typical Latin cross. The arms of the cross have a total length of 29 metres, while the cross-section of the structure is 25 square metres.

The building at the base of the cross covers 3,000 square metres of roofed area, including terraces and belvederes. Externally, it has elliptical shapes, as the aim was to generate external circulation ramps that facilitate access to different levels of viewpoints, providing multiple panoramic views above the maximum height of the surrounding vegetation. The different cardinal orientations of the viewpoints and terraces make it possible to contemplate the surroundings in all directions. It also contains two lifts, one internal and one external, which, in addition to the stairs, provide alternative ways of travelling up to the final height of 82 metres.

The illumination of the cross generates another spectacle, which begins when the sunlight is withdrawn. Grids of brightly coloured LEDs change the view and alternate the colours of the building, creating a spectacular visual effect.

The building of the cross offers alternatives for the enjoyment of events and days. Inside is the “Teatro de la Selva”, an amphitheatre with a stage designed for high level shows, equipped with the latest technology in acoustics and lighting.